Our Story

SRI VIDYA KAMACHI COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE FOR WOMEN is found by “SRI VIDYA KAMACHI TRUST” with an exuberant motivation to serve the society especially to empower women cadre. They aim to afford significant foundation for privileged education to rural women. Inculcated education in women would enable them to accomplish high limits for the fortunate life and high order of social positions along with the better quality of the society. Motto of the trust is to contribute for the development of inner core with great potentials by enriching optimistic thoughts in all ways of life with good spirit. Hence our programmes are modeled with the explicit intention of providing more acquaintance, skill upgradtaion, developing improved and constructive mind-set in learners.

SRI VIDYA KAMACHI COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE FOR WOMEN is a juvenile institute holds a strong aspiration for better tomorrow by filling the society with enormous stalwarts as pillar for great nation. Our institution is a sprawling campus of green lash peaceful ambiance that could provide the wonderful scenario for learning.

The College with its dictum as “Skills through Discipline” has set a frame work to instill discipline and progress in a path way of edification that instructs value-based education. The core curriculum has been fashioned in a way to enable the young minds with the passion to meet emerging challenges in current state of affairs. It is focused to augment the youths mind by skill development, innovation and creativity that could provide hope to tomorrow’s world. Our programmes include conventional arts and science courses.

The institute with promising note assures the students finest enlightening and contributes in the direction of their escalation. The prime focus of the college is improvisation of suppressed gender for ages and this is augmented by essential intellectual actions in the college grounds.  Our institute also engages the students in co-curricular and extra-curricular actions to stimulate them to social realities. We with lots of enthusiasm aspire to be a component of the community in a more momentous way. We motivate our young minds to contribute in extension, society and outreach programmes promise for the Institution’s dedication to communal conscientiousness.

SRI VIDYA KAMACHI COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE FOR WOMEN has inspiration and concern to serve for the socially and economically marginalized section of the society. We offer a vivacious upbringing by providing opportunities to develop students’ talents.


To enhance the vision of educational institutions that enables the rural woman to know the relevance of higher education in women’s life. We have a vision that our upcoming students of our campus should have strong and sound intellectuality, integrity and competence that could support the women upliftment and growth of the country.


  • To provide excellent education and experience to the students that would allow them to be competent in the competitive arena.
  • To aid the young learners to excel with the principled and ethical values of life.
  • To inculcate pioneering methods in learning.
  • To incorporate our learners to be a dynamic social concerned human.


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Dr.R.VALARMATHI M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D